Blue Bridge of Love

The bridge we know today as the “Blue Bridge of Love” has quite an interesting story.
It is believed to be cursed because many years ago.
A married couple lived near the bridge. One rainy night, the woman went out to bring in the laundry from outside and forgot to tell her husband. Her husband heard some scary noises, so he got his gun and shot who he thought was a thief. It was his wife.
After the fatal mistake, the man lived with so much pain and cursed himself each day. He asked his friend, an intelligent man, for help in Prizren.
His friend told him to build a bridge in an arch shape so when it rains or snows, someone can fall and will curse whoever built the bridge. The man built it in 1908 and it became known as the “Bridge of the Devil.
This history has been lost to the past because tourists avoided the bridge out of fear.
Since the background of the bridge has been forgotten, the name was changed to the “Blue Bridge.” In 2015, people started calling it “the Blue Bridge of Love.”

By Flora Jonuzaj.
Flora was born and raised in Prizren. She graduated high school in tourism and expects to enroll in college. “I have the passion to discover and explore new things and to show things that are forgotten,” she says.

By:Leonita Bytyqi, Flora Jonuzaj, Laura Dragovci