Trees in Magical Shapes

An Untold Story – A Woodworker in Prizren City

A Horse Ride Through Prizren

An Untold Story – Prizren’s Coachman

‘Fet’hi Mosque’ or ‘Our Lady of Ljeviš’?

“Our Lady of Ljeviš” is located in the historic centre of Prizren, built by the Serb King Stefan Milutin in 1306-1307. The restoration works were led by the well-known craftsmen of that time, Nikola and Astrapa, who enriched the church with a specific, rich architectural and artistic expression through the combination of the Byzantine and […]

Blue Bridge of Love

The bridge we know today as the “Blue Bridge of Love” has quite an interesting story. It is believed to be cursed because many years ago. A married couple lived near the bridge. One rainy night, the woman went out to bring in the laundry from outside and forgot to tell her husband. Her husband […]

Lumbardhi, from a private cinema to a multicultural institution

At the end of 1930’s in Prizren, the son of a priest from an Orthodox Church built the first private cinema. There was not a cinema projectionist, so they sent an 11-year-old orphan boy called Shefki to Italy to train to become one. When he came back, he was an expert at operating the movie […]